Pati Robins does such a good job with her deaf puppy Shy and she is very good with a video camera so I have asked her to do a video series for us showing all of us two or three tricks on each video of how she gets Shy to do the command she asks for. I also asked Pati if she could put some Closed Captioning (before and after) each segment for our deaf community members. I hope you enjoy Pati’s instruction.

If you want to see more of Pati’s and Shy’s videos be sure to check out her beautiful blog Bella’s Ears about her adventure of raising her deaf American bulldog, please click here. 


Training Video 1 – Sit and Down – Closed Captioned by Pati Robins.

As you can see Pati holds the treat slightly over Shy’s head to get her to sit. Once the dog starts to get the “sit” consistently then start giving the dog your sign for “sit”, hold the treat over the dog’s head and once the dog sits, give either and open flash of your hand (like a clicker sound for a hearing dog to mark the correct response) or a thumbs up sign to mark the correct behavior.

Same with the down. Hold the treat in your closed hand and hold it to the floor. The dog might try pawing the treat but after a while it will figure out if it lays down, it will get the treat. Once you have got the dog laying down by holding the treat to the floor, start giving the sign for “down”, hold the treat to the floor and when the dog lays down go a head and mark the correct behavior with a thumbs up sign or an open flash of your hand to mark the correct behavior. Always smile and nod your head “yes” when the dog does good.


In this next video you can see Shy progress. By using the food as a “lure” to lure the dog into place for a down you can hold the treat to the floor and point down or lay your hand flat down for “down” then give a thumbs up to “mark” the correct behavior and then treat. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Note of disclosure. Pati Robins or I (Christina Lee) are not professional trainers. We are sharing what works well for us in our training of our deaf dogs.