Meet adoptable deaf Great Pyrenees mix Toby who is looking for a loving  home with someone who will love him and keep him safe.

From his rescue: Toby is an incredibly sweet dog who loves children, cats and other dogs. Toby is deaf but he copes well with his disability. His Tennessee foster Mom said that without a doubt he is one of the sweetest Pyrs she ever fostered for us.

Toby came to us directly through the director of a high kill animal shelter in Tennessee on a late Sunday evening. He was so happy to be in a home and off the streets. He quickly adjusted to being inside and eagerly followed hand signals. We found a wonderful home in New York for Toby but unfortunately now Toby has come back to us because his adopter is coping with a serious medical issue.

We have also learned that Toby has become afraid of men and will bark and lunge at them so needs a dog-savvy person to work with him. He is still a people dog and wants nothing more than to just hang out with humans but requires a quiet household with loving people and perhaps another dog to keep him company.