Update on Toby 9/05/19: From Susan: Toby has learned several sign cues so far. He knows the signs for “sit”, “lay down”, can “come here”. He is a total cuddle bug of the highest caliber. Toby is still trying to learn not to pull his companion. Outside of the home he is very excitable and the stimuli that excites him is other dogs, people, children so he needs someone to be committed to his redirection and leash training. We are currently working on his manners.


Meet adoptable 10 month old deaf bully Toby who is looking for a loving home with someone who will make positive reinforcement training a priority and always keep him safe.

From his caregiver: Hello and Meet Toby! Toby is a goofy pup! He was found at a rural shelter in Alabama. He was only 5 months old. Toby was brought in by his owners, because he was deaf. They had bought him from a breeder at eight weeks old. He lived with them until they discovered he was deaf and promptly took him to the local pound.

I just happened to be there the day Toby came in. This would be my third deaf dog rescue in my rescue history. I wasn’t going to leave him there. A foster took him in, but later gave him back and we had to find another foster. He has been with them ever since. Toby has ears that stick straight up and he has a language all his own. When he is in his crate and you happen to be there….he will let know that it ain’t working.


No barking, just a very strong doggy talk. He is very smart, but needs patience and love to be trained to do the right things! He gets along well with most other dogs! Warning! He is a very strong and active boy! Beautiful to a tee. He has pink skin with black poka-dots covered with Snow White hair! His ears stick straight up with his pink skin showing. He’s beautiful and needs to find a home where he live out the rest of his life a happy boy!!