Meet adoptable deaf dog Thor who is looking for a very special loving home with someone who cherish him and keep him on his special diet food.

From his caregiver: Thor is an energetic, goofy, and loving boy! I have no idea what breed he is due to he is a rescue. He was kept in a storage building where they put their trash at because he was deaf. A lady across the street spotted him in there when they opened the door and contacted a friend.
He has a big brown spot on his side shaped like a tractor and then the spot on his back when he sits down looks like Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch). He is a muscular dog who doesn’t know his own strength. He like to bark and try to chase outside cats but loves his cats inside. Greets small dogs with confidence and ease. Greeting big dogs he is defensive unless he has an outgoing dog companion. He relies on another dog to alert him if someone is bad or if someone is going to be good and nice. He also loves to play with other dogs. He tries to play with the inside kittens but his size scares them.

He has passed Petsmarts training.. He knows sign language commands for sit, stay, be gentle, shake, look on the floor, leave it, shh to be quiet, look at me, move over, and down. He will sit and stay for you when you tell him for feeding time and won’t grt up to eat until you tell him the sign for Okay. He does have food aggression toward dogs and cat. Even if it is the bag of food he will sit and watch it.

He loves belly rubs, going for walks, learning tricks, treats, playing (with kids and animals like dogs and horses), trying to get birds to let them sniff him (he will even hop like them), and cuddling. He is a big baby and does have a sensitive stomach. He has to be on a specialized prescription food. He is on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein HP. I have tried senstive dog foods from the store and they do not work for him. If he has a reaction or breaks out he can not have any antihistamines like Benadry, Zyrtec, or Hydroxyzine. Those make his stoamch hurt and break out more.