Darling little 4-month-old Theo happens to be deaf, so he is looking for a very special home. This happy, playful guy was born in foster care with a rescue group, and has been lovingly tended to this entire time. (Nobody knows why he can’t hear, and has a head tilt. A full neurological workup had normal results.) He is friendly, and loves humans, dogs, and cats. He is eager to train, and learns quickly. He sleeps without a peep in his crate all night, and has a few naps in there during the day. He’s making progress on potty-training.

Deaf dogs have special needs, though! Theo’s people will need to go the extra mile in learning how to communicate effectively with him. (How do you call a dog who isn’t looking at you?) There are plenty of resources out there to help, and we’re looking for the folks who will want to dive into this challenge to help create a terrific life with this sweet boy. We’re looking for folks who have some dog experience, a fenced yard, and somebody at home a lot.