Meet adoptable deaf dog Thelma who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From CT Humane Society: Thelma is a great dog that is looking for a new family that will be patient with her while she learns to live in a new home without her hearing. We are unsure if Thelma has ever been part of a human family before, but we know she did have a canine sister named Louise. A local Animal Control Officer found both girls roaming loose and brought them to their facility for some much needed medical attention. Once their stray hold was complete, the Animal Control Officer contacted The Connecticut Humane Society to ask if we could help. We brought both girls in for check-ups and found that Louise needed minimal medical attention and could be adopted out quickly. Thelma, however, needed a lot more attention.

Thelma was diagnosed with chronically inflamed and infected ear canals and they recommended immediate TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation). In addition to her ears, the veterinarians also noticed that Thelma had some skin issues. On July 16th, Thelma went to a specialist for her TECA surgery and this meant that the surgeon was going to remove the complete ear canal for both ears, which would then render Thelma completely deaf. Shortly after surgery we started to see a few of Thelma’s behavior quirks come to the surface. Prior to her surgery, Thelma loved to go for walks. After she became stubborn, nervous and no longer wanted to go for walks. After a couple of weeks, we got Thelma to a point where she loves to go outside again! Thelma is currently on prescription food for her skin allergies and our vets believe that she will need to continue this diet in the new home.


We believe that Thelma would be okay in any size home, but she will still need plenty of time outside to get her daily exercise. Due to Thelma’s medical history and noted behavior, we are seeking a home with children over 10 years of age; a family who is large dog savvy and willing to learn how to work with Thelma. We do not believe Thelma is suited for a home with cats, but would consider a home with another dog. Being a Bulldog mix, Thelma has bursts of energy, but also has a lazier, cuddlier side. We are looking for a family who has lived with large dogs before and who can commit to exercising patience with Thelma as she learns to live without her hearing.