Meet adoptable deaf 6 year old Spot who is looking for a loving forever home with adults or older children +12 and someone who will cherish him, provide structure and always keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Spot is a 6 year old ball of love! He came from a situation where he (and multiple other dogs ) was used for breeding and not properly being taken care of. This resulted in them being surrendered to the shelter. He has been loving and affectionate to all the staff and everyone he has met while in our care. He was placed in a temporary foster home to better gage his outside shelter behavior. He did exceptionally well. This is what the foster had to say about him:

My husband and I fostered Spot for 10 days beginning on January 19th.

He was incredibly well-behaved in our home. After just two days, we trusted him to free roam in our home while we were away. He never took anything off counters, chewed on anything that wasn’t his, or was destructive in any way. We did crate Spot at night, and he settled in his crate after 5-10 minutes. Spot did not have any accidents during his time with us. We took him outside first thing in the morning, after each meal, and a couple times throughout the day. When we worked away from the home, two days/week, Spot would be alone for up to 5 hours at a time without issue. During the day, he chose to spend most of his time snuggled up on a blanket on our couch.

He loved playing off-leash in our fenced in yard. During his time with us, he saw deer, a cat, and a fox through our fence and never tried to jump the fence or dig under it. Spot loved to play fetch with his Kong Wubba, but didn’t need constant stimulation either. During the day, he enjoyed chewing on an elk antler. We originally tried Himalayan Cheese Chews, but he could eat an entire one in 10-15 minutes. The elk antlers held up much better for him. He seems to enjoy treats but isn’t overly food motivated. Spot was extremely gentle with stuffed toys and didn’t attempt to tear them or remove the squeaker. His manners on leash are good considering he’s deaf. He does pull but is correctable with a martingale collar. We also tried a harness, but it did not seem as effective for the pulling. Spot met one cat when out on a walk. Although we whined after the cat, he didn’t show any obvious signs of aggression towards it.

During our time with Spot, he met my parents and my father-in-law. He had very positive introductions and seems to love everyone he meets.

We had transitioned Spot to Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach. He was eating 1.75 cups 2x/day.

Though the situation was temporary, He did show signs of bonding with one member of the household and exhibited some signs of guarding him. But otherwise, he proved to be a wonderful even outside of a shelter setting. Now that he is back here at the shelter he is very sad and looking for his furever home.

Notes from Deaf Dogs Rock: It is very important to to spoil a deaf dog and to add structure and Nothing In Life Is Free Training so there won’t be any resource guarding issues with people. Read more here: