Meet adoptable, deaf 18 month old Jack Russel Terrier Sparky who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From Sparky: Hi! My name is Sparky. My foster mom says I have lots of smarts in my noggin, and have lots of sweet puppy dawg energy. To prove to you how smarts I am, here is a Haiku I wrote for you about me. Ahem, here goes: Sproing, Sproing, Zoom This is how to describe me wont you show me love?

Thank you, thank you! I will admit, I asked foster mom to help me type the words. I am not a very fast typest, because I don’t gots some fingers!
Foster mom says I have springs for legs, but that is silly. I have doggy legs, they are not made from springs! Don’t get me wrong, I love to
cuddle too. I just need some time to get all my sproings out before I can settle down.

I am a medium sized guy , 6 years young and only weigh about 35 lbs. I am the perfect size for lap cuddling but also am up to a
hike as well. I was found as a stray, and taken to the shelter. I was not doing well in the shelter environment, and I found myself on the “list”.
This is not a fun list like Santa has, this is a bad list for good dogs. A nice rescuer met me, and brought me home. Once I arrived, it was quickly
discovered that I am deaf. Huh! Who knew.

I am doing really well on crate training, and can hold my business in all night. Sometimes, I get lonely when my foster mom leaves me to
go to work, but if she leaves me treat games in my crate, it gives me something to focus my brain on, and I will stay very quiet until she
comes back to take me on an adventure.

I love going for walks, and am great with all the polite dogs my size that I meet. I walk really nicely on leash, and am very respectful of all the little dogs
foster mom has.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and a song by ABBA came on that I really liked the radio. I am going to sing it for you now:

“Take a Chance on Me, that is all I ask of you honey, take a chance on me! We can go dancing, we can go walking, as long as were together. Listen
to some music, maybe just talking, Take a Chance on MEEEEEEEE!”

As you can see, I am a dawg of many talents. I can sing and write poetry. If you would like a live encore to this song, Take a Chance on
Me, please send in your application. I cant wait to meet you.


***Sparky’s adoption fee is $250 and it will included transportation. If you are interested in adopting Sparky please contact Jessica.