S’mores is an adoptable deaf 1.5 year old, silly, spunky pittie puppy who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, continue her training and always keep her safe. S’mores loves other dogs, and is highly trainable with great food and scent drives!

She is an absolute joy to be around and her bright personality lights up a room. She is quiet, great in a crate, mostly potty trained, and walks well on a leash.

In addition to being deaf, she is cross-eyed, therefore seems to struggle to process fast movements (like cars driving by, or cats running past her), which can cause some frustration for her. She has been working with our volunteers on counter-conditioning, so that even though these things are confusing and maybe even scary, we can help her associate those situations with positivity. She has been doing great at this exercise and has come a long way.

S’mores would love an active, outgoing home that focuses on mental enrichment, and will continue her training. She could live with other dogs, or alone, but would do best without young children in the home until she has furthered her training. She has been in the shelter environment for too long, and would require a few weeks of decompression time before her true personality shines through.

S’mores is guaranteed to return all of the love she receives and more! She is a here-for-the-party type of dog and if certain to brighten your days.