Meet adoptable two year old deaf female Catahoula Skyler who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, continue teaching her new things and always keep her safe.

From her caregiver: Skyler is a two year old female deaf Catahoula mix. She weighs 45 lbs and is a ball of energy. She sometimes chases her own tail when she’s in a goofball mode! Skyler understands some basic sign language such as sit, friend (paw shake), stay, toilet, and no. She can understand body gesture when I ask her to move or come closer to me.

She’s good on leash but definitely needs some training. She loves outdoor walk and put her nose to work on everything. She’s enjoys sniffing everything like an inspector. She is crate trained but don’t forget to fill peanut butter in Kong and leave it in crate with her! She has some separation anxiety due to being a very dependent and clinging type of dog. In the house, she will follow you everywhere you go in kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, etc. She wants to see and watch what you’re doing because she is fascinated by you!

She loves peek her head into the shower curtain and play with water faucet. She loves swimming as well. Social wise, she is good with dogs. At night during bed time, she is crated so she can sleep in peace without someone tossing-turning and she will wake up thinking something happened unless you sleep like a log.

She is currently living with a working dog for Deaf owner (me). Often Skyler will follow the dog who is responding to sounds which makes her a dependent (and alpha) on other dogs. She would be best with a one male dog or as an only dog. She will eventually learn and pay attention better to the owner. It is unknown how she is with children so I would recommend no children around because it’s too much for her on who to follow commands. Children who are grown up would be fine as long as they love dogs. An ideal parent/owner would have more knowledge with dogs and some basic sign language (I can teach you sign language through social media if needed). Also need a lot of time, attention, and training with Skyler. She’s a bundle of love and attention who wants to please and satisfy you as a loyal dog. She loves to stand up and give hugs with paws up-open arms!! All she wants to do is give love and play all day.