Here is a video of Shy the puppy of our friend Pati Robins in the UK. She is doing so well at training and I believe in this video he is only 14 weeks old. She is using positive reinforcement training by using treats to get Shy to think about how she can get a treat from her Mum. You can actually see her thinking about what she needs to do to get the treat. What an adorable puppy. Enjoy my DDR friends. Welcome Shy and Pati.

Here is another video of Pati waking up Shy. I just had to add this video to this post so you can see how cute Shy is close up. As you can see even using a gentle method of waking up a deaf dog (who is deep into sleep), you can still startle a deaf dog and that is why it is so important to crate train deaf pups so they have a crate they can sleep in without little children abruptly waking them up all the time. All deaf dogs need a personal sanctuary where they can go and get away from the everyday household chaos. Great job Pati and Shy. Thanks for sharing your videos with our Deaf Dogs Rock readers. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock