Shy Bella Training Video by Pati Robins

Every time I see one of Pati Robin’s videos of her teaching her deaf puppy Shy Bella new tricks it totally warms my heart. She is a photographer, a mom and now an amazing deaf dog trainer. I am so proud of her and her commitment to her deaf puppy. Now I have something very special for all of you to see. Welcome again our friend and guest blogger Pati Robins from the U.K. Pati has put together a wonderful video of her puppy Shy doing all the tricks she has taught her deafie over the past few months.

If you get a chance, be sure to check out Pati Robin’s blog My Ears Are Just For Show to see beautiful photos of Shy Bella (Pati is an amazing photographer). This video is a perfect example of how easy it is for deaf dogs to pick up new commands. Deaf dogs can learn just as easily as hearing dogs and in many cases much faster because deaf dogs don’t have the sound distracts like hearing dogs do.

From Pati: “I made this video is made in 3 parts (and stitched in one due to a phone calls to my house… I tried to record all 36 commands , but sadly forgot to record some – most of them are in previous videos” …to see more go to:




Enjoy the video of Shy doing all her tricks. I think Pati should think about putting Shy in a movie! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock