Sherman is still looking for a home of his own! Sherman is about 5 months old and has been with us since he was 9 weeks. Sherm is deaf and (mostly) blind. He does not see well enough to learn hand signals but can track fairly well.


Sherman is a very sweet boy who loves to play tug and snuggle when he’s ready for some down time. He loves learning and enrichment and is insanely smart. He is a very confident little meatball looking for a training buddy! It is important to note that Sherman has overcome some behavioral challenges while with us. We are working through a behavior plan to help him control his arousal around other animals, but as a result we believe he would do best in a home without other dogs, cats, or young children.

Sherman gets very excited and his rough and rude play is easily misconstrued by other animals. He does re-direct well and I do think he would love to have some doggy friends, just not in the home, as the behavior plan needed to make that happen is unreasonable to ask of the average owner. We feel Sherman would progress much faster and his family would be much happier with him as an only pet. Sherman is a great dog with a lot of love to give!

Sherman has learned to sit and tug on cue. He loves going for walks and hikes, and does well! He loves every person he meets and is looking for a place to crash permanently.