Meet adoptable deaf 2.7 year old, German Shepherd mix Schnitzel who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, always keep her safe and live in a home with a big fenced in yard where she can run and play.

From her caregiver: Schnitzel looks like a perpetual puppy with big brown eyes and soft floppy ears. She is half terrier and half German Shepherd so she is medium sized (much smaller than a full size Shepherd). She was abandoned at a pet hospital and no background on a past life is known. It appears she was in fairly decent health (no fleas and a decent weight). For the first few weeks she was fairly shy and calm and as she got comfortable her personality came to full bloom.

Schnitzel has a lot of energy and loves to throw her toys in the air and run around. She has been living in my apartment with a small porch and been going on 4-5 walks a day but it’s become apparent she needs space or a backyard to frolic and be the happiest dog she can be. I think she would love a dog friend because she wants to meet and say hi to every dog she passes. She approaches with a wagging tail and often sits hoping they will come over to hang out.

What I love most about Schnitzel is how friendly she is to every stranger that she meets. She is extremely social and would be perfectly content in a high traffic home. She is comfortable around older children and will sit nicely for pats on the head but has not spent an extended period of time with them. She is also very smart and learns new skills quickly with a wagging tail and focused eyes. I have worked with a trainer and she has learned a few basic skills.
Sit – open palm, fingers together facing her.
Lay down – arm extended down, pointing down
Touch – closed fist to your side (she will put her nose to your fist, another version of “come”)
Come- patting legs
Release – motion with arms away from you, palms flat and elbows bent (think traffic conductor movement)
No – sign language for “no” – pointer and middle finger opening and closing with thumb

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in meeting Schnitzel to see if she’s the perfect addition to your family!

***Schnitzel’s adoption fee is $200 and you must live within a two hour drive time of Austin, Texas. Please contact Marlena for an adoption application to be considered for adoption.