Update 12/116/19 – Sander has been adopted!!!


Update 1/14/19:  Sander is still available, here are some recent photos.  He is sweet, loving, and very playful.

Meet adoptable deaf dog Sander who is looking for a loving home with someone who will provide structure (Nothing In Life Is Free Training), make positive reinforcement training a priority, cherish him and always keep him safe.


From his current caregiver: Sander is a very loving dog. He loves to play and get in your lap, when he gets to know you. He is house trained but does have accidents if you don’t watch his body language. He does barks. If he sees things that scares him his hair stands up on his back. He loves to play and run around. He loves treats and toys. He will sit when you hold your hand up. If you point to his crate he will go to it. Where ever you are he will come and be in that room. He is not good on a leash yet. He is a inside dog but loves to go outside. He is still a puppy and loves to chew. We keep a lot of chew toys.

Sander is white so he will need sunscreen when he goes outside. When I adopted him everyone was on board to help with him. My daughter and her 3 kids live here and we have 2 other dogs.Then everyone including me got very busy and there was no time for training or anything. My husband is very impatient and that does not help matters. I love him so much but I feel he is not getting the love and training he needs and deserves. I would prefer someone without other animals so that he can get all the attention for awhile. So he can bond with that person.


I would prefer no kids for now too, but if you feel the kids would help then that would be okay. He comes with dog bed, crate, his blanket, some toys and small bag of dog food. I do not want anything but a great person to love him. He is a very special dog I just want the best for him and right now he is not getting the best from us.

His adoption fee is $ 75 – please email Penny to send you a blank adoption application to fill out.