Meet adoptable deaf boxer Sam who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, give him time to decompress and learn his new routine and always keep him safe.

From his rescue: Hey everyone!!! My name is Sam and I am looking for my forever home. I am about 9 months old and they call me special needs, because I am deaf. My foster mom has been working with me to teach me sign language, and I am getting pretty good at it.

Couple of things you do need to know beside the obvious, which is that I am cute LOL. I have a lot of energy and I need lots of exercise and mind stimulation. The good thing is I am a sweet and loving boy, and there’s not a person that I meet that I don’t fall in love with, but other dogs don’t seem to like me too much. See, I wanna play all the time and I get in their face, run around them, jump on them and bark. I truly am only trying to play, but when they tell me NO, I can’t hear them and I don’t understand this face (growling) that they make. I just think they’re trying to be friends, and they want to say come on let’s play, but that’s not what they’re doing. So the rescue people told me I either have to find a friend that loves it when I do that, or maybe it needs to be just me and my family. I would love a friend, but I don’t want them to be mad at me like my current foster sister is.



My foster mom is amazing. She is taking me for two walks a day and we’re averaging at least 2 miles, and sometimes three each time. I do get tired but after a short nap I’m ready to go again! So I need somebody who is going to be able to get out there and spend some time walking or doing a slow jog with me, because I am no couch potato.? She has been working on my jumping and nipping, I am a work in progress.


I am house trained and working on my crate training. I have been alone for about 4 hours and I am doing great. I will bark but I do settle down after some time.

Well my foster mom is ready to go for another nice long walk. I hope that there’s somebody out there who is looking for a dog with my personality, because we can have lots of fun!!! Contact barbara at

Sam w/tail
Special Needs – Deaf
Age: 9+ months
Dogs: Yes but needs to like me for who I am
Cats: Unknown
Kids: 8+

Note: If you’re serious please submit your application today at Please understand that we cannot hold dogs while you go through the adoption process we work on finding the best home for the dog and if they come along he could be adopted by the time you’re approved.