Meet adoptable deaf one year old bully mix Sage who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, continue her positive reenforcment sign training and always keep her safe.

From Sage and her foster mom: Hi, I’m Sage. I’m only a year old but I’ve had a pretty rough go. My foster parents tell my that I’m deaf, but I’ve never noticed it! I guess that makes sense though. I had no idea that car was coming when it hit me and damaged my back leg and took two of my toes. If only I could have heard it, I would have been fine. Then I ended up in a kill shelter. What bad luck, huh?

Luckily, my foster parents took me in and have been teaching me lots of things and loving me, which I can’t get enough of. My favorite thing is to lay right on top of them and snuggle in like a little spoon and give them my kisses of gratitude. I love the little, small human they have too. She’s really cute. We like to sit on the dog bed together. She will give me pats and I’ll give her kisses. I like following them around everywhere and being where they are in. It makes me happy.

Since I’m still pretty much a pup, I have spurts of energy and playfulness, but I like naps, cuddles, and relaxing a lot. My foster parents seem to think I’m goofy half the time and laid back the other half the time.

I have a big brother dog. He’s like my new best friend. I follow him a lot because he seems to be able to “hear what the humans want and that helps me a lot.

I really like chewing on things! I’ve learned some things aren’t for chewing and some things are “toys. Toys are much more fun to chew on.

I love going on walks with the crew. Going on the walk is the most exciting part, I get to see other dogs and those little things with fluffy tails that run up trees! But the most peaceful part is being with a pack. I never really knew what a walk was with a pack. I just walked by myself.

My foster parents say I will need a special home with someone who can train me using positive reinforcement sign training and learn about training a deaf dog. They tell me I learn really fast and I’m very smart, but I’m different than a lot of other dogs. But being different isn’t a bad thing, it’s great. They say I’m special in so many ways. They’ve also said I’m special because of my “temperament and I would make a great emotional support dog for someone. I’m extra special!

I know my time with them is temporary and I’m looking for my furever home with my furever best friend. Will you adopt me?