Meet adoptable deaf girl Sadie who is looking for a loving, dog savvy home with someone who will commit to daily positive reinforcement training and enrichment for her and always keep her safe.

From her shelter: Hello, My name is Robin. I am currently working with young, female deaf dog who had been brought into Chicago Animal Care and Control then transferred to C.A.R.E.. a shelter in Slokie, Illinois. I have been working with shelter dogs for over 20 years.
From what I see of Sadie, she may have been kept in a small area without a great deal of human contact. She did not know about playtoys, petting, or being “talked” to. Her main way of working off energy is chewing. I can surmise that someone kept her until she just became too big and “chewful”. I have taught her many signs, and have started getting her to run after toys, doing beginning nose-work, and food type puzzles. All of these things were important because her main way of spending any day was to lie down and chew on something.

C.A.R.E. is a forwarding moving shelter. We have finally found a good brick and mortar after moving from another one in a different town. Since we have been open for a year and a half, most of our current volunteers are new and a bit green. It takes time to get newborn ducks into a row! I am over there several times a week, but the rest of the time she is walked by volunteers. And, unfortunately, she has developed the habit of jumping and nipping. Sadie loves to listen for instructions and do things. And I am working on acclimating her to a halti to help with the jumping up. And we (myself and 2 other trainers), are working out what we can do to give her what she needs so that the other behavior fades.

So I am putting her up here. Adoption is a good goal. Even if there is someone out there who could come in to work with Sadie, that would be terrific. She is essentially a young dog who needs the right guidance in a world where things don’t happen the way that they should.
Robin Cember, CPDT-KA