Meet adoptable and neutered deaf dog Rudy who is looking for a loving forever home where he can play with other smaller breeds or be an only pet,. Rudy needs to be adored by his humans and always kept safe. Rudy is a five year old Coton de Tulear and a complete clown who lives to please his family and make you laugh. He loves walks and does great on a leash as well as knows several hand commands. He is willing to learn more and is motivated most by toys. He gets along great with cats and will gently play with them but if they don’t want to play, he knows when to leave it alone. He enjoys a great diet with his dry food infused with vegetables, fruits, and cheese. He’s truly loved by everyone that meets him!

His story isn’t perfect so his health history requires some explanation. He arrived to his foster not having knowledge/history on record that he was deaf and was on considerable amounts of medication for anxiety and reactivity. He no longer takes anything other than heartworm and flea meds. He is also no longer reactive except to his brush which means grooming is not his favorite past time but he does not bite his human. He had a hernia when arriving that was also operated on and resolved. Flea medication must be in the form of a Seresto collar as he has a history of seizures with the drops. He’s literally just in need of someone who will understand his needs and will continue to pamper him as the prince he is!

***Consider using a natural flea preventative like Wondercide (which is what we use here at Deaf Dogs Rock on all 6 dogs).