Meet adoptable deaf Bull Terrier mix Roxy who is looking for a loving forever home with a person who will cherish her, be patient with her and always keep her safe.

Roxy’s ideal home would be a single person household. She is looking for a semi-active home with plenty of playtime and patience. Roxy can be shy at first and feels most comfortable with women. She shows lots of interest in other dogs and may be able to go home with other dogs. Roxy is a happy, loveable goofball. She will benefit with an owner who will socialize Roxy with people at her own pace.



From her Shelter Advocate: My name is Shannon Wright. I’m the Canine Intake Specialist for Butte Humane Society. We are a non-profit organization and we’re located in Chico, California. (You can learn more about us at Recently we were transferred to a 2 year old spayed bull terrier/pit bull mix who is deaf on Monday August the 17th. I’ve been able to learn a bit about her in just the last 5 days. Roxy was found wandering in Los Molinos by a married couple and this couple took her in and filed a found dog report. They searched for her owner(s) for 30 days but nobody came forward for Roxy so the couple decided to keep her. 10 months later the owners claim she started having fear issues with the man and so they re-homed her.

Roxy was in her new home all of one hour and became spooked and darted off. Animal Control was unable to catch her for

3 weeks! Finally one day while Roxy was napping on the town hall steps an ACO swooped her up! Chico Animal Shelter held her for 10 days for her registered owner to claim her and they didn’t come back to get her. She was then transferred to us. BHS is happy to have her in our care we’d like to help Roxy find the best opportunity for her.

This past week I’ve learned a fair amount about Roxy; her handling and leash manners are superb. Big semi’s seem to startle her a bit. (understandable our dog kennels are currently located next to a dump truck center) She will sort of bounce up and down on her front feet and have a slight fixation. I’ve introduced her to one male volunteer and she was in his lap within minutes. She is not willing to enter a crate, I tossed some treats and she will only put one foot inside and backs away quickly from entering. Roxy is frightened of objects like leashes and some toys.

Thank you for your time. My personal phone extension is also located below.


Shannon Wright
Dog Adoptions Lead & Canine Intake Specialist
Butte Humane Society
530-343-7917 x 102