Rowley -CA

Meet Rowley

Breed: Pit bull mix

Description: Rickey is black and white. His head is mostly white with a black spot over his eye like the dog in Little Rascals. His belly is white and his back and tail is mostly black with the top of his tail being white. One of his shoulders sticks out a little bit and he has the posture of if someone kept him chained up as a puppy and he was always pulling at the end of the chain while he was growing, but it doesn't slow him down at all!

Gender: Male

Weight: 56 lbs.

Age: 3 years 4 months

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

House Trained? He never goes to the bathroom in his kennel.

Crate Trained? He does well in his kennel but we haven't had him in a crate.

General Training? We've done socialization training with him. And until recently we were trying verbal commands with him but since finding out he's deaf I've been doing some hand sign training with him for sit, wait and good. He really needs attachment training bc he has a hard time connecting with whoever is working with him. Once he attaches, I think the other training will come super quickly.

Good with Children? We don't know. He has a calm dispensation but no one with kids has come by to see him, yet.

Good with Other Dogs? Yes

Good with Cats? No

Location / Contact

Residence: At animal shelter

City: Grass Valley

State: CA

Rescue/Shelter: Sammie's Friends

Contact Name: Aviana Smith

Phone: (530) 903-0847 You can text Aviana at this number for questions and additional information


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Meet adoptable deaf dog Rowley who is looking for a new home with someone who will make him part of the family and be committed to his training.

From the shelter staff: We have an awesome dog in our shelter in Grass Valley. His name is Rowley and he was brought in as a stray and has been here for almost 6 months. It wasn’t until a month ago that we found out he is deaf. He really needs a break. He has been at the shelter so long and people have shown interest in him bc he is a beautiful dog but he hasn’t been able to really connect with anyone and find his forever family, yet.


Video of Rowley with all the other dogs

He hasn’t shown any aggression with people or dogs. We’ve had him in our big dog yard with the pack of dogs many times and nothing (not even the crazy puppies) have been able to push his buttons or make him react negatively.

He really needs your help. We’ve had a few deaf dogs here but Rowley needs more attention and training than we can provide. He hasn’t been able to really connect with anyone (probably because most of the work we’ve done with him has been verbal) and our shelter and fosters are all completely full. He really needs attachment training along with hand sign training. Rowley is very food motivated and that has helped us be able to get his attention while working with him.

He really needs somebody to breakthrough to him. We just want him to get the break he deserves.

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