Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Rohan who is looking for a loving  home with someone who will love her, make positive reinforcement training/socialization a priority, give her a daily routine/structure and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver: Rohan is a 1 year old American Bull dog mix. We adopted her and her biological sister this January. They had been rescued from a person who’s dog had puppies, and he did not want them so he kept them outside for the first 7 months of their life until they were brought to the shelter where we got them. First, I’d like to say that she is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever had the privelage to have in my life. The love that she shows to me and my husband is like that of a child, so trusting and so true.



We have made the very difficult choice to surrender her for a few reasons… the short version is that we cannot afford her prescription food which she needs for her sensitive stomach, or the ultra sound which could determine if there is a solution for her sensitive stomach (we have already put over $1000 into diagnostic tests and vet visits and she has been given a clean bill of health aside from the mystery of the stomach). The second reason is that she is displaying sibling syndrome with her sister, Maia. It has led to some very bad fights among them, starting with her not wanting Maia to have toys or our attention. They do play fight together very well, BUT, sometimes Rohan gets a little too rough and cannot hear Maia’s distress. We feel that this life of being crated constantly when we are away isn’t fair to either of them!

We are looking for an adoptive family who is able to be home more often (not away from the house every day for over 6 hours/possibly a retired person or couple), and someone who does not have any other pets, or children in the home. She may be okay with all of those things one day, but it WILL take training and patience. Again, as the vet bills increased, we were unable to do more than one private training session. All of this aside though, if you feel that you can afford training and her food, you will have the most AMAZING and loyal and loving dog you could ever hope for. It breaks my heart to give her up. Although I’ve only had her for 5 months, I have fallen in love with her. The only way I can part with her is to know that she will be going to a better life than we can give her, and will be given the love and patience that she SO deserves.