Meet adoptable deaf Catahoula mix Rocky who is looking for a loving forever home.



So anyone who knows me knows how much I love this boy. He is literally the sweetest dog ever! All he wants is love and attention. Unfortunately, for his personal quality of life, we really need to rehome him. He would be the perfect dog for a young, active family with kids that would love a puppy to romp and play with. He is not a “stay at home” kinda boy. He needs mental stimulation and somebody to go and do fun adventures with. He is deaf but that only means he is an excellent napper that doesn’t wake easily. His hand signals are excellent, he is super smart and he lives to please and cuddle. He loves water, chew toys and the roomies! He’s amazing with other dogs!

We cannot keep up with him and that breaks our heart. The “staying at home all day with mom and baby” life just isn’t for him. We want a wonderful home for him even if it cannot be with us. Catahoulas are a sporting breed and need exercise and enrichment.