Meet adoptable deaf/blind, 9 month old North American Mastiff, Remi Mae who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, make positive reinforcement touch training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep her safe. She needs to be the only dog.

From her advocate: Hi, my names Remi Mae. I’m a 9 month old North American mastiff. I’m fully blind/fully deaf. I am spayed. As I did find a loving home me and my other fur sister do not tend to get along. We bump heads often, I would do better in a home where I am the only dog. We have tried training but finding a trainer who specializes in dogs like me is hard. I love children and I love cats as well.

When you awaken me I usually never get startled. I need a human who knows about my disabilities. I tend to not like being alone, I want to be by your side always. A kennel is not my favorite thing but if it’s a must I will go into one. I do tend to potty in my kennel during the night but I am getting so much better at it. I am house broken as long as I’m let outside I tend to go to the door when I need to go out. Of course in a new environment I will have to relearn this. I am the biggest love bug you will ever meet, I want to be your best friend I love to be petted and if you vacuum I will be right beside you I love the vacuum and to be vacuumed off. Wherever you go I shall follow as you will be my new leader. I have a heart of gold but with my disabilities I require a lot of attention. Stairs are no problem for me, I leash walk like a champ, if you tap my butt I turn to whichever side has been tapped. I will smell you out quicker than you think my nose is very strong. I adore every person I meet there isn’t a soul I could resist. If you believe you would be the perfect fit for me please submit an application.

Remi would do better in a new home with no other dogs Dogs – Must be only dog
She is okay with Cats
Remi Mae is good with kids
Must have deaf dog experience to be considered