Meet adoptable deaf dog Remi who needs a loving home with someone who will cherish him, make proper potty training a priority and always keep him safe. Potty training includes taking  him out on a leash (every hour) to tap him on the shoulder, give him the “go potty” sign and then walk him around until he goes potty then his reward would be to come off leash to explore (verses going out of a doggy door to explore and come in and potty in the house).

From his caregiver: I need to find someone that has time to take on the sweetest deaf boy Remi. I found him as a stray in August and he is super friendly, he is obsessed with toys/fetch. I am a single mom to twin boys, a registered nurse, and I own my own business so I am very busy. I also have two other dogs.

Remi’s only problem is marking in the house, he is potty trained and pees/poops outside but sometimes he does mark inside. I have zero time to work on his potty training. I have tried belly bands, marking spray, he has access to a dog run all the time but needs some proper consistent potty training on a leash.  He is super smart, very loving, great with kids and other he loves other dogs. He just needs a good home with someone that can put much needed time for enrichment and training.  I would travel to find him a good loving home.

Kelley Hanson