Meet adoptable deaf, 1.5 year old red heeler puppy Red who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will continue his training/socialization and always keep him safe.

From his rescue.

When he was a puppy, we named him Rhode Island Red.  He was part of a state themed gang of pups! He’s special needs kid as he’s totally deaf.  He was placed in a home and learned lots…some sign language, house training, crate training and to ADORE his special person!

Unfortunately, as a heeler, he also learned to “herd”, by nipping at, the children in the home!  That’s just not appropriate, so he came back to MO WIggle Butts.

The perfect home for Red would be one with a patient owner (just one) who would learn his quirks and allow him to be the special boy we know he is!  He enjoys other dogs but cats are an unknown.



Red knows lots of signs already and has graduated from puppy school. He is looking for his forever home with an active family who can give him lots of individual attention and a family with no kids or kids older than 10. He is super sweet and loyal to a fault when he feels he belongs.