Meet adoptable deaf 1.5 – 2 year old Rafael who is looking for a loving family with someone who will cherish him, continue his training, provide a loving home with a big back yard and always keep him safe.

Rafael is sweet cuddly deaf boy that requires a home with a backyard or other enclosed space to get his energy out in. He was adopted recently from Dallas Animal Services (who found him as a stray), and ended up being much too high energy for our small apartment. He needs an owner that will be consistent and caring with their training, but also firm.

He is mostly already a very well-behaved boy, but is very very mouthy, and tends to bite down too hard during play. We have noticed that this does subside the more we manage to wear him out on walks, but he still gets into hyper bouts where he wants to mouth people. If you remove your arms from his mouth’s range, he sometimes goes to mouth legs or ankles instead, which we are currently attempting to train out of him. He’s learning to redirect this energy towards grabbing toys instead of people, and has made some good progress so far!

The shelter said he is 2 years old, we believe he may be a bit closer to 1.5 or something younger. He has shown no signs of aggression whatsoever. We have tried touching or petting him while he’s eating, touching his food, and touching his toys while he has them, and gotten no aggressive or negative reactions to any of them. When playing with a toy he has a very loud play growl, which we think might just be because he can’t hear himself, but he’s still a happy playful boy!

When it’s time to nap, he will crawl up and *lay* on you with all of his weight! He is an absolute cuddle bug and will absolutely wiggle back over to you if you happen to move away while he’s asleep. Sometimes he does still have little mouthiness bouts occasionally if you’re laying down with him, we think to sort of “test” if you’re feeling playful at all.

He walks very well on a leash, but might benefit well from an EasyWalk harness, which we know he has had in the past. He mostly will naturally heel, we don’t know if he has a command for it yet. Occasionally he’ll pull towards certain smells, or when people approach, but mostly stays by your side.

We believe he is at least partially crate trained, as he has just completed his second night in the crate with no sound whatsoever! The very first night he did bark and whine just a few times, but went to sleep fairly quickly.

We believe he may have some skin sensitives or allergies.

Rafael is truly a wonderful boy with a lot of potential, we just personally feel that he deserves a home with a much better size and environment than we can personally provide for him.

(Note: He will NOT be taken back to Dallas Animal Services, as they are a kill shelter. He will stay comfortably in our home until the right family comes along!)

Rafael’s adoption fee is $150 to an approved home (this includes his kennel/food/harness). IF you are interested please email Kyle to get a blank adoption application to fill out completely to be considered for his adoption. Thank you.