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R.I.P Sweet Ice – Killed – Mistaken Identity –

Update 3-5-2012: Ice has shot and killed on Saturday 3-3-2012 apparently from mistaken identity.We here at Deaf Dogs Rock are completely heartbroken. When I listed Ice on January 25, 2012 and did a story on his rescue organization, I thought he was the sweetest and most adorable pit bull we had under our “adoptable deaf dogs” section. He was dressed in a little pink bunny outfit and it was “love at first site” for me. Now he is dead. How can this be possible? I don’t have a lot of information on the details and as I find out more I will share them with you.   Ice was a part of Angel Capone Pit bull Rescue and I have sent the rescue several messages but as you can imagine they are probably way to upset to talk to anyone.

Pit Bull discrimination must be stopped by all means possible. Here is what was on Angel Capone’s website today:  Please say a prayer for Ice. On 3-3-12 he was killed tragically, in a case of mistaken identity by a local police officer. He showed no aggression towards the officer and was shot in our own yard. He was standing still and wagging his tail the entire time, although the police had a noose-pole, they never attempted nor intended on using it. Had he been any other breed of dog, besides a Pitbull, this never would have happened. He was a true hero, and an inspiration. He passed in the arms of those whom loved him, and returned the love until the end. God bless your soul Ice you will always be in our hearts and with our Angel Capone in Heaven.


Ice is an 11 month old Pitty pup saved from Death Row at MACC. He is deaf so will need to go to an owner willing to work with a special needs dog, or one with deaf dog training. He is very affectionate, one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet. He is great with other dogs, and puppies of all sizes. He knows all basic command and many tricks as well. He is still a puppy, so will need an owner willing to dedicate the time for more training. Because Ice is deaf it is very important he goes to a home where there is a secure fenced yard so he can play safe. Also with a deaf dog when they can’t see or hear thier owners it is like the have “vanished” in the dogs mind so for this reason dogs like Ice need to live inside with their humans and be part of the family (no kennels or chains for a deaf dog please).


Ice is listed through Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue up North.

The Adoption Process:The process starts with a detailed application process. Next there will be reference checks and home visits to make sure that you and the dog are a good fit. No your home does not have to be beautiful, just a safe environment for the dog. The final steps are the signed adoption contract, and payment of the adoption fee.

Most of our adoptions occur in the Connecticut, Mass, New York, and New Jersey area, we do work with family’s outside this area, if we have a volunteer near you for a home visit. Adoptions fees for adult dogs are 200 and Puppies are 350.

All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. They are up-to-date on all shots for their age. And, they have been temperment tested, basic training (this excludes puppies) but our foster will try their best.

When you adopt a rescue dog, that they do not always come perfect or fully trained. Also please understand that it can take 2 weeks or more for the dog to settle into its new environment. Please be prepared to be patient. Also, we recommend that all adopters commit to some obedience training for their new dog. We will be happy to provide you with a referral to our trainer

By submitting an application, you are committing to properly care for the dog for as long as they live, which can be up to 15 years. Thank you for opening your heart and home to a homeless pitty.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application under the application tab by clicking here. We will not respond to inquiries with out an application.

Note from Christina Lee of Deaf Dogs Rock: When looking at Angel Capone’s Pitbull Rescue website I have to say I am so impressed with their organization. Not only do they pull these dogs from death row but they take the time to correct bad habits and train the dogs with basic commands before they are adopted out. They have a in house Canine Behaviorist and Trainer to work with the new foster families on being successful fosters. I always say to adopt a dog unless you plan on continuing the dogs education through training and hard work. If a person can commit to at least 12 months of training to their new dog/puppy, then the next 12 -18 years will be so enjoyable for the whole family including the dog.

  1. Please say a prayer for Ice. On 2-3-12 he was killed tragically, in a case of mistaken identity by a local police officer. He showed no aggression towards the officer and was shot in our own yard. He was standing still and wagging his tail the entire time, although the police had a noose-pole, they never attempted nor intended on using it. Had he been any other breed of dog, besides a Pitbull, this never would have happened. He was a true hero, and an inspiration. He passed in the arms of those whom loved him, and returned the love until the end. God bless your soul Ice you will always be in our hearts and with our Angel Capone in Heaven.

  2. How sad! I’m so sorry.

  3. This is tearing me apart!! I can only imagine what his family is feeling. When the pic of Ice in his bunny suit came out I feel completly in love with this wonder of nature. So much so that I added that pic to my photo gallery. He is an inspiration & true ambassador to his breed. I have a foster Pit girl they remind me so much of eachother. Maybe that’s why I was so taken with him as I truely love this sweet little girl of mine. Thoughts & prayers to his family. You can be proud that he was able to know what love is because you chose one day to save him. May God be with you now & always… RIP Ice…

  4. The police officer needs to be prosecuted. Did they even talk to the family or did the officer just go to the yard without a word and just shoot the dog? By his wagging tail, you knew he didn’t understand the situation and was trusting of people to the end. I think ALL deaf dogs should have a special collar mandated, a neon orange collar with the word “DEAF” in capital letters all around the collar. Take that picture of him in the bunny suit and show that to the officer, the lawyers and judge. The rescue will vouch for him that he wasn’t a violent dog and so will his pet parents. There better be a good ending to this story……with the officer being fired…

    • I love your idea of a standardized collar identifying deaf dogs. I’m fortunate that I taught my 6 week old rescue sign language. He’s now 14 years old & deaf, but I can still communicate with him through sign language.

  5. Oh No this is so sad and WRONG. Im from the UK and the government refuse to arm our police force as they say it will lead to more deaths. Im sure this would happen here with our beloved Staffords who are the ‘Demon Dog’ as potrayed in the media. Why kill an innocent deaf dog in cold blood. There was a situation here with a dog named Tyson. The BBC done a documentry about the dangerous dog act and BSL. It followed the dog unit of the met police as they visited homes where a reported pit bull or pit bull type was said to be. Most of the dogs featured were actually English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crosses. One was a fighting dog which lived in the garden and was terrified, one was locked up in an outhouse covered in its own filth and another was a stafford who was seized in a police drugs raid and later returned. This was the only one who showed slight aggression but bear in mind a tirade of police forced the door screaming and shouting as they do and the dog was in bed with its owners. They catch poled him. The last dog was Tyson the pit bull. he was measured and deemed to be square therefore a pit. The police officer said he was friendly. He was there at the end when they showed the vet euthing him whilst still wagging his tail. The police officer was visably upset and said he had to work within the law and this is the law of the land. He said BSL has made no impact on lowering dog attacks and doesnt work. This is the result. friendly banned breed who are put to sleep after seizure whilst other breeds deemed vicious walk the streets and only when they attack can the police seize them. Due to the outcry from the public following the documentry our government are in the consultation period as to what to do about BSL. The met Police,the RSPCA and Vets have submitted their reports is the favour of abolishing BSL and reworking the whole DDA act. The new legislation should be through at the end of the year. There will still be the staffie haters who will try to stop the new law to keep pits out of the UK. I hope our government are sensible enough to listen to the experts. Its also been suggested the the dog licence be brought back with breeding outlawed unless registered to do so. This may stop the breeding of pits should they be allowed after being banned for so long.

  6. Cops are quick to shoot what they fear, also why should they be allowed carry weapons when all they do is threaten those with out a weapon.

  7. I think it is time to take away guns from the police. Too many times have the innocent been killed. I am just glad this poor little dog had good loving until the end. If you create a petition to prosecute the policeman, I will sign it,.

  8. What a sad event.. this precious little pup killed for no reason at all. I hope you sue this PD and make this a national story. This happens a lot and you are right, it is usually Pitbulls that they shoot. What is wrong with these sick people? If this person is so trigger happy he needs to be off of the police force. This needs to be stopped. Its bad enough that these dogs are so vilified to begin with but to be shot in their own yard for no reason, that is a crime in itself!

  9. I am still upset about Ice.. MISTAKEN IDENTIFY??????

    Ironic, I dont cry after Whitney Houston, but I cried after Ice!!! Whitney was a great singer unfortunately she had a drug problem. Ice was doing nothing except a sweetest pitbull!!!

  10. I am not a pit lover, but I am a dog lover. How dare the officer who shot that pup be forgiven. I hope there is a video. If the puppy was not attacking the officer there is no reason for deadly force. I am appalled. This story needs to go nationwide. Please send this to your local and national news.

  11. Has any kind of reprimand happened to the “officer”(I say that loosely because a cop that shoots a deaf dog in it’s own yard while it’s tail is wagging is too much a coward to carry the title of police officer) that murdered this beautiful baby?

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