Meet adoptable 12 week old Pup Pup who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make daily Positive Reinforcement training/socialization a priority and also make a commitment to keep Pup Pup safe.

From PupPup’s caregier: Pup pup is a 3 month old female Aussie. She loves to play fetch, and loves the outdoors.
My daughter and I rescued her (at 10 weeks old) from a terrible backyard breeder. Pup pup was covered in ticks and living outside with the rest of the litter and multiple other dogs. With her special needs we could not leave her in that environment.
Pup pup gets along with other dogs and like cats but will chase them to play (which usually scares the cats).
Pup pup is up-to-date on vaccines and has an upcoming appointment to be spayed.
Pup pup barks a lot, so her perfect home won’t have close neighbors.