Meet adoptable  5.5 year old deaf English Pointer Pumpkin who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will love her, be her new best friend forevery and always keep her safe.

Update 2/07/20: Pumpkin’s training is progressing and she’s quickly learning obedience commands with sign language. Her playful side is really starting to come out and she’s spending lots of time running off energy with her foster sister in the back yard! Pumpkin definitely loves being with other dogs and is so friendly with every dog we meet.

From her advocate: Pumpkin is an approximately 5-6 year old pointer mix currently being cared for through fosters with Cane Rosso Rescue in Dallas, Texas. Pumpkin is extremely loving and gentle, she loves to play with other dogs until she’s so tired that she immediately lays down and takes a nap! She loves to snuggle up with her foster family and her foster dog sister when it’s time to watch TV and chill out. She has only been with the rescue for a month or two and is learning to make eye contact and basic commands through ASL with her new foster family. She may have a protein sensitivity to chicken and her fosters are working to learn what triggers her skin allergies and help her avoid irritation.


Pumpkin is leash trained and loves long walks with humans as much as she loves playing in the grass with other dogs, and burying the occasional toy or bone somewhere sneaky. When she’s done playing, all Pumpkin wants to do is cuddle up on the couch with you and have sweet dreams. She is very food motivated and her fosters feel confident that she will learn basic commands very soon. Her foster family is learning more and more about her and helping her learn good manners, but it takes almost no time for Pumpkin to come out of her shell around anyone! To learn more about Pumpkin and apply to adopt her, please visit: