Meet adoptable deaf 4.5 year old bully mix Poochetta who is looking for a new forever home with someone who will cherish her, make time for her and always keep her safe. Poochetta requires a home where she is the only pet.


From her current caregiver: Hello all!

This precious monster of mine needs a new home! Her name is Poochetta. She’s about 4.5 years old, Deaf, and a pit bull mix. She loves exploring, tug of war, hide and seek (nose work), cuddling, and following you all around the house! Oh, and she’s a great running buddy too!

She knows hand signs for sit, stay, come, drop it, shake (still working on it), bed, kennel, find it, eat, and she comes to you from a distance with a vibration collar. She’s super smart, loving, and high energy! She’s house and kennel trained. She can be left alone inside during the day or night with no problems, or left in her kennel. She loves sleeping in bed with you, but will typically stay on her bed if I tell her too. She does eat only grain free food, otherwise it upsets her stomach. Up-to-date on all her shots.

About a year ago, when my life changed drastically, I knew it was possible she’d need a new home. But I’ve tried as hard as I can to provide her with a loving home as long as I can. She just needs more love, attention, and consistency than I can provide.

She needs a single animal home, she’s fine with kids but maybe not babies. She currently lives with me in College Station, TX but I will drive her wherever I need to for the perfect home! I love her so much and it sounds cheesy, but she supported me and was my best friend through one of the hardest periods of my life and I want her to find the happiest home she can! A yard is preferred but I did have her in an apartment, just requires lots of attention.

I’m looking to re-home her by the first of June. I’m happy to help pay for her care and food if needed. And if you get her and turns out she’s not a good match for your family, I’ll take her right back.