Meet adoptable deaf one year old Pink who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, continue positive reinforcement training and always keep her safe.

From her Rescue: Pink is a 35 lb, roughly one year old, pit mix. She is a sweet, snuggly, happy dog, with lots of young pup energy and personality!

Pink would absolutely love to have a yard of her own, where she can romp and play fetch with her people! If Pink does not have a fenced-in yard, she needs 1.5-2 hours of outdoor, vigorous exercise every day. Though Pink loves walks, she really needs to run out her energy, so even long walks are not quite enough action for this girl!

She is not comfortable around small children, and will need a home without children under 10. She is dog selective, and so far has responded best to dogs her size and smaller, particularly males or non-alpha females. She has not been cat tested.

Pink LOVES her people, and is the biggest snuggle bug, particularly in the evening when she’s had enough exercise during the day. She definitely thinks she’s a lapdog, and has no sense of personal space; she just wants to be as close as possible at all times! Because Pink is very conscious of her people, she is still learning to settle outside her crate. It is important that Pink gets time to rest in her crate once or twice a day, so she can nap and decompress. When resting outside her crate, Pink sleeps lightly and wakes up often to do “attendance checks” on her people – if you aren’t in your assigned seat, Pink will get up to find you! She’s a dream in her crate, and sleeps easily through the night.

She is a power chewer, and loves to chew on her antlers or pull the stuffing out of plush toys. Pink is very smart, and enjoys solving puzzle toys for treats. One of her favorite parts of fetch is tearing apart the tennis ball at the end!

Pink is learning hand signal commands. She is very confident with “sit,” and is working on “no” and “down.” We get quite a bit of practice with “down,” because Pink is very curious about the contents of all tables and counters…there might be food up there!

Pink is the sweetest girl with the BIGGEST smile. She is spayed and up-to-date on all vaccines, and can’t wait to find to find her forever home!