Meet Petunia

Breed: Pitbull

Description: White with large black spots and small black "freckles" has big brown eyes and is 75 lbs. of cuteness.

Gender: Female

Weight: 75 lbs.

Age: 4 years 9 months

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

House Trained? Yes

Crate Trained? Yes

General Training? Some signs

Good with Children? Was told she was but havent had her around any myself

Good with Other Dogs? Seemingly all but Charlie

Good with Cats? Yes

Location / Contact

Residence: In home with foster or owner

City: Blaine

State: Washington

Contact Name: Christine Houston

Phone: (360) 220-2131


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Meet “Miss Piggy” Petunia who is an adoptable deaf dog looking for a loving home with a family who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver: Petunia, aka “Miss Piggy” is one of the most cuddly, loving, sweet, and happy dogs I’ve ever known.

She came into my life when my dog, my baby, Maverick, passed away suddenly. She was his sister in need of a home. I met her and fell in love. I have never had a deaf dog before and did tons of research before taking her on. Her previous owner had not really done any training so I got to work on that. I began teaching her signs and commands. She is smart and picked up quickly.

Our training got interrupted because I ended up taking a job 2,600 miles away and got busy with that. Me, Miss Piggy, and my two other pups drove all the way across the country. Shortly after the move Petunia suddenly began to attack another dog of mine named Charlie. Her and Charlie had lived, played, slept, and ate together for over a year before this happened. It was out of the blue and completely unprovoked. She since then has jumped on Charlie a few more times. It’s now to the point where I have to keep them separated at all times.

Ivan, my third pup, and her have never had any issue. She stays in the pin or out with him. They play all the time, eat together, sleep together, hang out on the couch together…. They get along famously. She is also around my mother’s 2 Shitzus all the time with no issue. She lives with 3 cats and even curls up with them to take naps in laundry baskets. The only time I’ve ever seen aggression from her it’s been directed at Charlie.

When I moved we had to temporarily move into a tiny house so I hoped that maybe it was just the stress of the smaller space and move was the cause, but the problem has persisted. Before Petunia came to live with me she was an only dog with an owner and gave her all the attention and I’m afraid that is what she needs again. Maybe someone knows how to deal with an issue like this. I do not. I looked for some answers online but either they were things I’ve already tried, or just made it seem like the issue would probably never be resolved.

I call Petunia Miss Piggy sometimes because she snorts and grunts a lot and also if there is a bit of dirt she’ll find it and roll in it. She loves car rides and going for walks. She plays tug of war and fetch, and is the definition of lap dog. If she sees you sitting on the couch with an empty lap she will enthusiastically come curl up in it. She loves giving kisses and getting her butt scratched. She is so smart and learned signs for , get down, kiss, no bark, no, go lay down, food?, outside?, come, and we are still working on sit. She is such a good dog that deserves a good home and having to keep her or Charlie pinned up for half the day breaks my heart.