Meet adoptable deaf 6 year old Petey who is currently looking for a new loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, be patient with him and always keep him safe.

From his rescue: Meet Petey! He’s a handsome 6 year old pit terrier mix who weighs about 55 lbs. Poor Petey was adopted as a puppy and returned to us after 2 years. His previous adopter clearly didn’t do proper training or socialization with this sweet boy. He has been back at the shelter for about 4 years now.


Petey is housebroken, good with dogs, loves car rides and pack walks in the park with his friends. He is very nervous/scared with strangers now. He would do best in an adult only home (barely any visitors) with owners that have the time and patience to earn his trust and help him gain confidence. He needs people to show him everything is and will be okay.

Petey is so much fun and very loyal once he forms that bond with you. When he does, I can guarantee it will be worth the wait and your life will be filled with so much laughter and puppy kisses. He truly shows how grateful he is that you get him out of that cage he’s been living in for 4 years.