Meet adoptable deaf, 5 month old white Pug Penelope who is looking for a loving home with someone who is home often. She may  have a mild case of Separation Anxiety but with the right training and SA training she should be able to overcome being left alone because she is still very young.

She is available for adoption within a 3 hour drive of Homosassa FL (or Southern NJ since her caregiver travels to S. NJ often).

From her caregiver: Penelope is a 5 month old albino pug. Penelope has 100% diagnosed hearing loss. Penelope has some vision issues but this has not been diagnosed further. Penelope is in need of a home where someone is going to be home. She is crate trained but does not do well if she is crated regularly. Going out to the store or for dinner for a couple hours is fine but she becomes behavioral when she is left for long periods of time. She prefers to sleep in bed with her person and is an absolute sweet heart. This pup needs to be with people.

Penelope would do best in a home without children or large dogs. Small dogs may work but she is a relentless and aggressive player and does best with laid back small dogs who are not timid. She is not mean but does not know when to quit and needs a human there to mediate. She is currently in a home with two other pugs and cats. There was a very poor interaction with our large dog and they are no longer in the same house. Penelope was much smaller then her brother when she came to us and has always been a food guarder, which leads us to believe that she had to fight to get food. We ALWAYS feed her separate in a crate and do not give her bones unless she is in a private area as well. Penelope is smart and head strong. She needs to be in a home with a securely fenced yard as she does like to run and should never be trusted out without a leash. She will take off running when she sees something she wants. She knows some hand signs and potty training is a work in progress. She needs someone who has the patience, time and motivation to work with her. I have done as much as possible but I do not have enough time to train her separately, which is what she needs because she is highly distractable. Currently she knows how to sit and will check in but she is tied to me always when outside. I would love someone who wants to stay in touch as I also have her sibling. I travel between Florida and New Jersey and I am open to someone up the East Coast between the two states. We are currently on a wait list to have her spayed ASAP but she will definitely be spayed by August. She is up to date on all vaccines and is on heart worm preventative. Her eyesight will have to be further diagnosed but she does see. I am super invested in this pup. I am not in a rush and I want to make sure that she is in the perfect forever home.

Penelope’s adoption fee is $400 to a screened and approved home only. Please email Tamyra to get her to send you a blank adoption application to be considered for adoption for Penelope at:

***Penelope’s spay surgery is scheduled for June 24 (one day before her six month birthday).