Meet adoptable deaf dog Ottis who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From the shelter. This beautiful boy is very special. He’s deaf, but his foster mom has experience with deaf doggies and she has been spending lots of time teaching him some signs! She says he’s very sweet. However he is a resource guarder when it comes to toys so we feel he may need to go to a home being an only dog,  He would do best with children over the age of 12 because of his size and energy level. He loves to play, potty and crate trained, loves people and highly food motivated. He also does well on a leash. He is a 75 pound sweetie at 1 year 8 months old (as of Feb 21). Ottis was got from a lady because she couldn’t keep him. She was afraid that since he couldn’t hear that he would get run over by a car.


Note from Christina Lee with Deaf Dogs Rock: We have a couple of deaf dogs who resource guard their toys. With resource guarding the dog is basically saying  with a growl and snarl: “back off because this is my toy”. Bowie and Bud both are deaf and both resource guard so what we do here (we have 6 dogs) is we have a large toy crate for Axl and Marshall to spend time in and play with toys and chew on bones. Bowie gets one on one toy time in my bedroom or with a ball out in the back yard. Bud also gets one on one play time. They are all fine together because we never leave toys or chews laying around and we keep an eye on them so they don’t grab one of my gloves or socks and tries to protect it. With 6 dogs this keeps all the peace in the family so it is about boundaries, being organized and taking the time to do one on one play time with each dog (or two dogs at a time who get along great).