Meet adoptable deaf one year old Obi who is looking for a loving family who will cherish him, give him a structured and positive reinforcement training lifestyle with plenty of exercise, enrichment and always keep him safe. A good match for Obi is a home with a big fenced in yard where he can run and play (and stay safe).

From his current caregiver: Obi is a fun, playful, large, deaf white dog looking for a loving and safe home. He is an Australian blue heeler cattle dog mix. He loves going for long walks and jumping. He’s over a year old, and likes to play with other dogs, cats, and children. He likes being petted, doesn’t bite but he does playfully nibble when he gets excited but he has never harmed anyone. He barks when he’s hungry or wants to go for a walk, he is easily trained when you entice him using positive reinforcement training with high value treat rewards.


Obi gets easily spooked after a nap. I would definitely recommend to a family of two at least to take turns walking him, he loves being outdoors, usually picks his poo and pee spot outside, and if you have a family with kids, he may still need training with jumping, when he’s happy or excited he jumps and runs around. I would recommend an actual home for him to stay in (this breed is not an apartment dog), he gets bored during the day if he isn’t walked, so ensure he has plenty of chew toys at home (with supervised play time) because the toys can be a healthy distraction for him. Since he is only a little over a year old  he is still very much a puppy and needs a structured daily routine, plenty of exercise, daily positive reinforcement training/socialization sessions and healthy enrichment activities.

Obi loves cuddling when he is ready for a nap, usually tired himself out after a half hour of walking or playing with his toys, When he seeks attention he will sit in front of the person and just stare at them to get their attention.  At times Obi can have a petty boisterous bark, but usually it’s simply to say when he’s hungry, wants to walk, or to go back home. He likes napping during the day in between walks.


Obi has a very kind soul and he is looking for a loving family to cherish him, spend time with him, help him be the best deaf dog he can be and alwsays keep him safe.