Meet adoptable deaf blue heeler Nistu who is looking for a loving  home with someone who will cherish her, make positive reinforcement training a priority, provide a structured environment and an Adult only home until she is well trained/socialized.

From his caregiver: Nistu is 1 yr old. Full breed blue heeler with half mask. She knows basic hand commands and has been raised in a family with other dogs and a outside cat. She was friends with the cat when young and they played but now she wants to chase it when off the leash in her yard. But put her on the leash and they are best buds.

Nistu is super sweet and loves affection, however she has nipped my 5 yr old and 7yr old when they have physically tried correcting her or to move her(like out of their room or off the counter). She needs a heeler savvy person to teach her boundaries and give her structure (and enrichment or a job to do). Heelers get borded easily and need stimulation in the form of enrichment, exercise or a jog like Agility, Flyball, Frisbee or Nosework). Her nipping at the children behavior has just started in the last several weeks. She doesn’t liked to be pulled by her collar but her harness is fine. I have had her since 6 weeks old and she has always been super submissive. She needs to be in a house with adults or older children. She walks very well on a leash and She absolutely loves water!

***Nistu’s adoption fee is $200 to a screened and approved home. You must also live within 175 miles or less of Powell Butte OR to be considered.