Meet adoptable deaf 10 month old Murphy who is looking for a dog savvy person to adopt him, make positive reinforcement training a priority, love him and always keep him safe.

From his foster: We am currently fostering a 10 month old bully mix named Murphy. We took him in at 3 weeks old when he was separated from his mother. The person that had him was feeding him people food to keep him alive. Within a few months we realized that he was deaf and any interest he had in a forever home, quickly faded. Murphy spent about 12 days in a board and train program to learn several hand signals and commands to make him more adoptable. He has no aggression but is very energetic. Due to him being deaf he can not hear the cries of children or small dogs when he is hurting them trying to play. He doesn’t pick up on ques from other dogs that he is playing to rough. He is fixed and up to date on all of his shots. He is crate trained and somewhat house broke. He sometimes has accidents when he is excited and will cause mischief if he is bored. Overall he just wants love and attention and to play and fetch. He has an arsenal of hand signals including sit, stay, lay, go to place, leave it, come and roll over. He has a small amount of training with a vibration collar to get his attention.