Meet Mowgli – a happy, adoptable deaf dog who’s looking for his forever family. I wish I could adequately describe who Mowgli really is; he’s incredibly smart, attentive, and well-behaved. This dog is amazing, and so happy to meet new people! He knows quite a few hand signals, and absolutely wants to please. He also seems to love car rides.

Possibly because he can’t hear, Mowgli is a big fan of consistency; he likes his routines, and big changes can be stressful for him. He is on a daily medication for anxiety.

Health & behavior:
-Spayed / Neutered

Mowgli is deaf, and also has limited eyesight in one eye. In addition, Mowgli is on anxiety medication because he gets nervous/anxious; however, in a foster home with enough exercise/mental stimulation he’s doing very well. He’s an amazing pup who’s looking for a family to love!

Mowgli is a big love-bug; might he be the right companion for you?