Meet adoptable deaf 14 month old Moo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.




From his current caregiver: Moo is a very sweet and loving 14 (or so) month old puppy. He is very into cuddling but if you need alone time he’s happy to spread out on his own.
Great with kids, adults and other dogs
Very curious about cats to the point he chases them and won’t go away even if you pull the collar.



I think Moo would be better fitted in a home with smaller dogs who don’t play too rough. He would love to have little ones to play with and big ones to cuddle.

Moo is very motivated to learn, he WANTS to be a good boy. He is a great boy! Yet he wants to learn more. He would do great in a stimulative environment where he can learn sign language and commands. He currently knows sit and come.

This poor boy seems to have been through a lot. He was dropped off at the shelter after being hit by a car. The trooper came out of it with just some scars that don’t seem to bother him.

He’s a great dog, however I don’t think he’s comfortable around our two big dogs and that’s not fair to Moo. We want him happy and comfortable.