Misty is an Indian Mastiff (Bully Kutta). She is a rare breed who was rescued from India after I was informed by family friends that she was being forced to fight. I was forwarded a video of her being forced to fight her litter mates. I was able to get her out of the country and to the US. Misty is 10 months old she was born April 13th 2019. Her father was 171 and her mother is 151. Misty is currently 85 lbs. She is very friendly with other dogs despite her past and loves going to the dog park. She does have food resource guarding issues and must be fed separately and can be very possessive of her toys with other dogs.

Note from Christina at Deaf Dogs Rock – Since we have so many dogs here at DDR we never ever leave any toys laying around. Each dog gets individual play time or they have a stuffed Kong in their crates. They are ALL crate trained which is so important. They are all fed separately in their crates, they sleep and nap in their crates and we do Nothing In Life Is Free Training on all of them to keep them from fighting.

She is extremely fearfully of small children and strangers. She does really well meeting new people on neutral territory off leash. She is crate trained, potty trained, up to date on all vaccines. She is very active, affectionate and full of love. She loves snuggling in bed with her dad and her brother.

***Misty’s adoption fee is $350.00 and you will need to contact Sumit for him to send you a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered. You just also live within a 4 hour driving distance of Stamford CT to meet the dog in person.