Meet adoptable deaf four year old Mila who is looking for a loving forever home.

From her caregiver: Mila is a sweet and loving 4 year old Pitbull. She may be a mut and mixed with something else, but all pit attitude (stubborn).
She is fully deaf, and we did not know when we got her as a puppy 4 years ago.
Mila is loving and gets along well with children and submissive male dogs. She DOES NOT do well around female dogs, especially older dominant females.

Mila has been through a lot with us – moves, babies, you name it. She is a strong and loving dog, we just have not had the right situation to care for her how we feel she deserves.
We currently have to keep her completely separated from our old female dog. There have been a few bad fights between them.

We are looking for a family that can love Mila and give her the space she needs to be free and happy.