Meet adoptable deaf, 7.5 year old Micah who is looking for someone who is home a lot and also a home where he can be the only pet.

From his current caregiver: Micah would be the perfect companion for a homebody! He is estimated to be about 7.5 years old. I adopted him at age 4 from the local animal shelter 3.5 years ago. I love him dearly, but unfortunately my job has changed and I do not feel I am able to give him the time and attention he needs.

Micah is extremely loving with adults and has had exposure to children under 3 years of age with supervision. He has separation anxiety and prefers to be near someone as often as possible. He has been prescribed anxiety medication by the vet and currently only takes it when I have to travel. He loves to play fetch and go on walks/hikes. He doesn’t like dog toys, but does love to shred tennis balls to pieces and play tug of war with rope toys.


Micah is not kennel trained and cries when he is in a kennel. He is not good with other dogs. He has not shown signs of aggression with other dogs, but will growl at them if they get near him. If they are not in his bubble, he is typically unphased by them. However, he does get along well and play with my stepdad’s dog who is also about the same size and also a pit mix.


Micah has a bump on his hip, bald spot on his right hind leg, and is missing the tip of his tail. All of these were noted in his adoption paperwork from the shelter, which I may still have. I informed the vet at his initial exam and was told that if the bump and bald spot do not grow, that it is not a concern. Micah has yearly checkups at the vet and is in overall good health. He does however have hip pain and will growl if you place weight on his hind legs while cuddling.