Meet adoptable deaf 1.5 year old Max who is looking for a home with someone who will cherish him, be around to keep him company (retired or work from home), and always keep him safe.

From his caregiver: Hello! My name is Katelyn and i am looking for a forever family for my sweet deaf dog Max. about a year ago my boyfriend and i adopted the nicest deaf puppy from a shelter and loved him and trained him hard. a couple months ago my boyfriend and i split up and i took the dog. My ex stayed home with Max all day and unfortunately I work long hours.


Max loves to be around people, play, and snuggle so me working all the time does not make him happy. I am looking for a a family who would be home a good amount of time because Max thrives off the attention and love. He is potty trained and knows signs for sit, stay, and lay down. If you have any questions feel free to ask! have a great day!