Meet adoptable deaf (blind in one eye), 11 month old Pointer mix boy Marvel who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: This beautiful boy, Marvel, has been at the Oakdale Dog shelter since September, 2022.

Marvel was found, emaciated and laying in a pile of ants, ready to give up on life. The volunteers at the Oakdale Dog Shelter (ODS) nursed him back to health and love him dearly, because he is so easy to love.

Unfortunately, he is deaf and blind in one eye which lessens the chances of him being adopted. (Thankfully, the ODS is a no-kill shelter). He is a beautiful 11 month old Cur/Pointer mix. He is approximately 51 lbs and HW negative. He is neutered and current on all vaccinations including a 3 year rabies.

He walks great on a leash and plays well with the other dogs! He is not house or kennel trained because he stays in a kennel most of the day – being let out once in the morning and once in the evening.