Meet adoptable deaf Catahoula/Dachshund mix girl Marley who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, continue her positive reinforcement training and always keep her safe. Marley is house trained, crate trained, and good with older children. She does okay with other dogs with the proper introductions but she sometimes like to guard her resources.

Marley needs a person who will give her structure and does Nothing In Life Is Free Training to keep her in line. She does sometimes require ear drops that can be a challenge to administer but with lots of patience and treats (and proper training) she will come around. She does not like cats or going to the vet’s office (she requires sedatives to relax her before she goes to the vet). If you have a mobile vet service in your area that comes to your home that would be better suited for her (or a Fear Free Certified Vet clinic).