Meet adoptable deaf heeler mix Marigold who is looking for a person who will cherish her, continue teaching her new things using positive reinforcement/fear free training methods and always keep her safe.


From her rescue: Marigold is an active loving Queensland Heeler mix who is looking for a patient, active “furever” home! Marigold was originally adopted out to a young family who did work with her; however, she would herd and nip at the younger children and was returned to us. We, as a rescue, have solicited a trainer specializing in deaf dogs and Marigold knows many hand signals already such as “sit,” “wait,” “down,” “quiet,” and most importantly, “come.”


All volunteers and staff working with Marigold are using these signals consistently and specific volunteers spend time with her socializing her with other dogs and exercising her. Marigold does not quite understand other dogs and is confused as to how to react. Her trainer says she is “business in the front” and “play in the back.” She has an aggressive front stance but her back end is wiggling and tail wagging.
Marigold needs a family that will continue with consistent training. A family that is familiar with the herding breed traits would be ideal. No young (under 8) children in the house. Marigold loves people, loves attention and is an affectionate girl. In the right family, a family that understands her need to be physically and mentally engaged Marigold will be an outstanding companion!