Meet adoptable deaf 10 month old Mango who looking for an active person to cherish her, continue her training and always keep her safe.

From her rescue: Mango is a 10 month old pit mix that was originally adopted from Craigslist. The adopter reached out for rescue help when they realized Mango was deaf. Kane’s Mission Dog Rescue stepped up and she has been in foster for the last 3 months learning signs and basic training. She learns quickly and loves her training classes she has been enrolled in.

She has done well with the other dogs and cats in the house but still needs to learn some socialization cues. Like how to politely initiate play with other dogs. She can be high energy so a dog with a matching play style that is tolerant of puppy behavior would be preferred and a meet is required.

She is working on house training but the foster works odd hours and has had trouble keeping her on a schedule. She is crate trained. She is also working on being socialized with other humans. She shows some stranger danger but is improving with meeting new people.

Mango is silly, energetic, playful, and so very smart. She loves to go on walks and shows interest in being a running buddy. All the energy doesn’t stop her from enjoying a good cuddle and will lick your eyebrows off or chewing a bone while you watch Bob Ross. She wants to be your best friend more than anything.

We are looking for a home with no small children because she gets skittish with quick movements and overhead pets. Ideally an active couple or person who will take her on long hikes instead of to a coffee shop.