Luna is a small (3o lb.) Australian Shepherd/Husky mix. She was given up by her owner due to having too many animals. She was raised in a home with small children, other dogs and cats. Despite being deaf, she is an energetic and a spunky girl. She is housetrained and has completed 8 weeks of basic obedience training through the Puppies for Parole program provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Despite being raised with other dogs, Luna is the jealous type when it comes to getting petted and snuggled. She doesn’t like other dogs getting personal attention at the same time as her. She will growl and show her teeth. Then, she’ll nip them to run them off until she’s done getting her attention. After that, she will play and run with just about any dog.

***Utilizing removing all attention and walking away when she growls at another dog or using a special time out area when she is acting possessive usually takes care of that kind of behavior. Also providing structure in the form of Nothing In Life Is Free Training will also help her get passed being possessive of humans.

She does have a propensity to chase cars, trains, bikes, plastic bags- anything that moves fast. She will hunker down real low until the moving object gets real close and then go into herd mode. She is usually a quiet dog, but when the other dogs bark in the shelter and she feels the vibration of their voices off of the concrete walls she’ll bark louder than any of them.